Brookland-Cayce High School

2016 - 2017 Faculty and Staff


Congratulations to

Ms. Michele Smith

2016-2017 BCHS Teacher of the Year


Mr. Gregg Morton


Ms. Bonnie Moskos Assistant Principal for Instruction    

Assistant Principal 


Assistant Principal 


Administrative Assistant

Mr. Rusty Charpia  Athletic Director





Academic Faculty

Career and Technology Education:
Mr. Laird Thompson Department Head -
Welding Technology

Edmodo Home Page
Ms. Joyce Conyers Business Education

Auto Mechanics  

 Sports Medicine 
Mr. Mike Harlen
Business Education

Dr. Jeremy Searson Health Science

Ms. Karen Scurry  Digital Art and Design/Yearbook Advisor

Mr. Kenny Shumpert  Carpentry Technology 
Ms. Alice Romanstine-Hall  Business & Marketing Education 

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English Department:

Fine Arts:

School Counseling: 

Ms. Amanda Stabler    Director of Counseling

Ms. JoAnn Gadson Career Specialist


Ms. Angela McCray

School Counselor


Ms. Renee Padgett Career Specialist


Mr. Barry Smith

School Counselor


Math Department:

Media Center:

Ms. Lendy Hinton Department Head

Physical Education, Health, ROTC, & Drivers Ed.:

Mr. Robert Wells Department Head

First Sgt. Al Baker  ROTC Website 

Mr. Phillip Blacha  Weightlifting

Mr. Ricky Bouknight P.E.


ROTC   Website  


Science Department: 

Social Studies Department: 

Mr. Terry Boone 

Department Head

Classroom Page

Ms. Kim Breen
 Social Studies

Mr. Matt Edwards
 Social Studies


Mr. Kurtis Fields 

 Social Studies


Dr. Phyllis Gantt 

 Social Studies


Mr. Kevin Heise

Social Studies

 Edmodo Home Page

Mr. Barry Howell

Social Studies

Edmodo Home Page

Mr. Christian Mowles
 Social Studies

Ms. Sissie Probert  Social Studies

 Social Studies Website 

Special Education:

Department Head
Ms. Starr Belk Special Education

Mr. John Brown Special Education

 Ms. Sarah Coolidge School Psychologist

Ms. Susie Day  Job Developer 


Ms. Wendy Harbort Special Education

Ms. Ashley Latham Special Education

Mr. Natasha Winfield
 Special Education

Ms. Jessica Woodford
Special Education



World Languages:

Ms. Rosa Addis Department Head/Spanish

Ms. Joelle Batal Spanish



Support Personnel

Support Staff:

Ms. Renee BolingCurriculum Assistant 

Ms. Joyce Browder Discipline Secretary

Ms. Linda Bundrick-Brown
 Attendance Interventionist

Ms. Connie Cothran Registrar

Ms. Melanie Dunlap Guidance

Ms. Jeanie Lakes Attendance Secretary

Ms. Christine Mayson Special Education

Ms.  Rhonda Platt Bookkeeper 


Mrs. Melani Roark Principal's Secretary

   Computer Services 

Deputy Sherban School Resource Officer

Ms. Doreen Sizemore Receptionist 

Ms. Paulette Truett School Nurse 


Teaching Assistants: 
Mr. Stacy Bell ISS

Ms. Jeanette Jones Media Center

Mr. Gene RushSpecial Education

Mr. Fred Williams Grad Point

Ms. Jessica Zearfoss Special Education




Ms. Anita Hampton  Custodian   
Ms. Carolyn Manigo Custodian  
Ms. Catherine Robinson Custodian   
Mr. Thalesee Shivers Custodian