Bearcat Way

For many years it has been a tradition at Brookland-Cayce High School for students to follow The Bearcat Way.  From whatever previous school you came, here at BC, we know that there are three very simple to remember rules that will keep you out of trouble and heading in the right direction in all of your endeavors.  This is what we call

The Bearcat Way

Do what you are supposed to do
You are in high school and even if there are no teachers around,
each of you know what kind of behavior does
and does not belong at BC

Be where you are supposed to be
It is YOUR responsibility to be on time and on task
 in all of your movements at BC

Help anyone when you can
This is the rule that separates BCHS students from the rest.
We have always helped our fellow students, teachers, and whoever
when the need arises.  Be helpful here at BC

Therefore, do YOUR part to keep this tradition true.

Every day.....The Bearcat Way!