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Sophomore Year Checklist

  • Take the PSAT Test (Fall) as a practice for the SAT. Be certain to enter Brookland-Cayce High Schools CEEB code: 410335 so you scores will be sent to BCHS. Research PSAT/SAT at the College Board Website.
  • Get involved in extracurricular activities and/or volunteer in your community.
  • Keep track of the credits you have earned toward graduation. If you want to attend a 4-year college, make sure that you take the courses that are required (Fine Art, 3 Lab Science, 2 to 3 years of the same World Language)
  • Explore careers and job opportunities in careers. 
  • AVOID trouble and attend class. FAs show up on your record and can keep you from getting credit for courses.
  • If you are not on grade level to graduate on time, catch up! Talk to your counselor about a plan. 
  • Study hard and do well in school. Remember, your grades will create your GPA and Class Rank. The transcript you have at the end of your 11th Grade year is used by colleges for your initial acceptance.
  • Continue to be aware of your academic progress.
  • Start to explore and discuss college options.  
  • In the spring, be prepared to update your Individualized Graduation Plan (IGP, your 4-year high school plan) and pick a major. Discuss it with your parents. Use it to select courses for next year: 
    - consider the ACT/SAT prep courses, academic electives, foreign language requirements
    - courses to complete your major
    - courses to explore your career choice
    - challenging course work
  • Choose meaningful activities for the summer months.  If possible, look for activities that provide exposure to a career field you are considering.
  • At the end of the year, update your 'activities and awards' file or resume.
  • Put money into a tech school/college savings account.

Create Your Road Map Save all your college planning activities by signing into your College Board account.