Class of 2019 sets new district record for scholarships

WEST COLUMBIA, SC -- Scholarships awarded to Lexington Two’s graduates hit a record high with the Class of 2019.


Students have been awarded $17,421,140 in scholarships -- an increase of roughly $1.6 million over last year’s total and nearly triple the amount from five years ago.


In addition, Class of 2019 students at the Lexington Two Innovation Center saved $203,200 by completing their training for professional certifications at the Innovation Center, rather than taking the same training post-graduation.


Lexington Two’s Class of 2019 from Airport and Brookland-Cayce high schools included just over 450 graduates.


“More than $17 million in scholarships for our two high schools, along with more than $203,000 in savings on professional certifications, is a huge measure of success for our academic programs,” said Lexington Two Superintendent Dr. William James Jr. “It’s also a benefit to our families. Scholarships represent dollars for our parents that stay here in our community.”


In addition to $6,102,040 in academic scholarships for the two high schools, tallied as of May 31, other highlights include:


  • 308 Life and HOPE scholarships, totaling $5,772,000
  • 23 military financial awards, totaling $1,550,000
  • 23 athletic scholarships, totaling $2,645,000


Among some of the professional certification training programs that Class of 2019 graduates completed through the Innovation Center include national health science, Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), firefighting and cosmetology.


“We could not be more proud of these graduates and their accomplishments,” Superintendent James said.