Four days scheduled for students to return iPad/Chargers, Textbooks & Library Books

Everyone is asked to stay in your vehicle and items will be scanned from your vehicle window. If you have uniforms or other items to be returned, please put them in a  bag with your name and the contents printed on the outside of the bag. There will be a station for these items to be dropped off and your return documented. If you need to pay a school debt or pick up personal items left at school, please park in the side parking lot next to State Street Baptist Church and enter the front office lobby.  There will be an open entrance and exit to keep everyone socially distanced.

For the drive through, please come to the front entrance on State Street. Times each day will be from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm.

Seniors Monday, June 1

Juniors Tuesday, June 2

Sophomores Wednesday, June 3

Freshman Thursday, June 4