Lexington Two shares corrective action plan

The following was emailed to Lexington Two stakeholders on Monday, July 25.

In November 2021, the South Carolina Department of Education (SCDOE) notified Lexington School District Two that it would begin auditing a random sampling of transcripts from the district’s two high schools after questions arose about an individual Brookland-Cayce student’s transcript. On June 13, 2022, the district received a follow-up letter from SCDOE setting forth its findings from that audit and specifying the corrective actions the district needed to take in response. The district’s Board of Trustees was given a copy of the November 2021 letter at its November board meeting and heard nothing further about the matter until Barry Bolen was appointed Acting Superintendent in May 2022.  Because the board had not received any information since November 21,  the board immediately asked Mr. Bolen to follow up with SCDOE regarding the November 21 letter.

Since receiving the June 13 letter, district and high school administrators have been working diligently on plans to address concerns.  As promised, we want to take this opportunity to update our Lexington Two families, employees, and other stakeholders on some of the steps the district has taken to date.


  • On Thursday of last week, the district submitted our corrective action plan to SCDOE. 
  • As part of that plan, SCDOE conducted intensive training last week for Lexington Two middle and high school counselors, along with registrars, administrators, and district staff. This training will help ensure that district officials with responsibility for confirming the accuracy of student transcripts are consistently and fully adhering to SCDOE procedures.
  • Lexington Two is launching a new process for annual transcript monitoring for high school students to closely track and address any potential problems.  The district also is revising its board policies and administrative rules to provide specific guidance on when a student will be allowed to enroll in credit recovery and to outline expectations for students who need to make up seat time due to attendance issues.


Lexington Two officials recently met with SCDOE representatives who oversee high school accreditation to discuss the corrective actions the district has taken and will continue to take. Based on those discussions, Superintendent Dr. Brenda Hafner believes it is likely the district will have its accreditation restored at Brookland-Cayce High School to an “all clear” status following the next SCDOE review, which will take place in August 2023.  In the meantime, though the school’s status is currently “accredited/advised,” that status will not affect daily student learning or the awarding of credits for students who successfully master course material.


The board is pleased with the progress that has been made over these past few weeks and appreciates Mr. Bolen's leadership. The board also believes and is confident Dr. Hafner will lead the district in implementing the corrective action plan that has been submitted to SCDOE. 


Students are our first priority and helping them succeed is the most important work we do every day. We will continue to keep our stakeholders updated on the plan and our work with the SCDOE. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the district at (803) 796-4708.