B-C students win top awards at Feria SCSC foreign language competition

WEST COLUMBIA, SC -- Seventeen Brookland-Cayce High School students recently competed in a foreign language competition, with two bringing first place awards and several others receiving top ratings.

Feria SCSC is a competition for Spanish and French students in middle and high school. Competition areas include timed writing, impromptu speaking, and spelling bee.  It’s the first year that Brookland-Cayce’s World Languages have participated.

The spelling bee winners at the statewide competition were both Brookland-Cayce High School students: Hope Riley in Spanish and Violet Kelly in French. Riley also earned a Superior in Speaking Spanish.

Other Brookland-Cayce High School students who earned recognitions:

Katherine Silva- Superior, Writing (Spanish)

Jairo Costeno Rodriguez - Superior, Speaking (Spanish)

Joselyn Hernandez Salas- Superior, Speaking and Writing (Spanish)

Angelly Ramirez - Superior, Speaking (Spanish)

Laura Rubio-Reyes, Superior, Speaking (Spanish)

Jessica Pedraza- Superior, Speaking (Spanish)

Costell Johnson - Superior, Writing (Spanish)

Adilene Mujica Salazar - Excellent, Speaking (Spanish)

Jhurmani Murphy- Excellent, Writing (French)

Jordyn Boulet- Excellent, Writing (French)

Naomi Martinez- Notable, Writing (French)

Alana Cramer- Notable, Writing (French)

Brayan Alvarenga- Notable, Writing (French)

The competition was held at Winthrop University.


“A program of this nature allows both native speakers and language learners to demonstrate their linguistic abilities beyond our classrooms,” said Amelia Thomas, a French teacher at Brookland-Cayce High School who accompanied students to the competition.  “Students spend the day on a college campus competing with other students from around our state. "Our students are challenged to use the language beyond the familiarity of their home or current language class.


“Every student represented Brookland-Cayce and Lexington Two very well,” Thomas added,  “and we hope they continue to challenge themselves in their language studies.”