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South Carolina Scholarships and Grants - Hope, Life, & Palmetto Fellows (and more)
Life, Hope, Palmetto Fellows
BCHS Scholarship Database - Click here to view the detailed information on scholarships that are available to our BCHS students and students in our community. These scholarships will be updated with current information around December/January.
Scholarship Finders/Searches:
4-year College/University (BCHS CEEB Code: 410335)
Other Scholarship Pages - is one of the largest scholarship collections on the web.
Hispanic Heritage Scholarships - Must Apply by November 13th.
Midlands Tech Scholarships & Aid
Midlands Tech Offers a plethora of financial aid and scholarships for their enrolling students. Check out the links below for more information.
- MTC Types of Aid  - Make college as affordable as possible by applying to all forms of aid and scholarships.
- MTC Foundation Scholarships - Apply for Midlands Tech Scholarships. Apply between March 1 - May 15.
Have you received any scholarships?
Please make copies of any scholarship offer you have received, even if you don't plan to attend the school.  You may scan or take a photo and send the scholarship information to your counselor.