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If you have free/reduced lunch, you can get an SAT and/or ACT fee waiver from the counseling office

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What are the SAT & ACT? 
The SAT and ACT are college entrance exams that can qualify students for admissions into certain colleges or for certain scholarships.
Who should take the SAT & ACT? 
In general, students that want to attend a 4-year college right after high school should consider taking the SAT or ACT. Some colleges are test optional, so students should speak with the college and/or their counselor to determine if these exams are right for them.
Students will often first take the SAT or ACT in their Junior year. Senior can also take these exams; however, seniors should try to take these exams early in the fall so that their scores can benefit college and scholarship applications.
Does the SAT & ACT Cost Money?
Yes. These exams typically cost between $55-$85.
High school students can take one of these exams once during their high school career for free if they sign up to take it at their school. BCHS juniors will receive this opportunity each Spring.
Taking the SAT & ACT for Free
Students that receive free and reduced lunch can sign up to take these tests for free. They should ask their high school counselor for a free fee-waiver code.
Which Test Should I Take?
Some students perform better on the SAT. Others perform better on the ACT. For this reason, we often recommend that students try to take both exams during their high school career. Colleges and scholarships will only consider the highest score.
Can I Retake the SAT or ACT?
Yes. Students can retake the SAT or ACT as many times as they would like during their high school career. Many colleges and/or scholarships will even accept a "Superscore." A superscore is a combination of the best scores from each section on the ACT or SAT respectively. 

Test Preparation Resources for ACT/SAT/ACCUPLACER

Free Test Prep
Paid Test Prep and Tutoring
  • Attest - Local ACT/SAT tutoring company. They offer in person and online tutoring.
  • Princeton Review - Online Test prep for ACT/SAT/PSAT and more.
  • Kaplan - Online Test prep for ACT/SAT/PSAT and more.
  • PrepScholar - Online test prep for ACT/SAT ($397).
  • Magoosh - Online test prep for ACT/SAT and more ($99 for one month, $159 for three months)
The ASVAB is a timed multi-aptitude test that is used for entrance into the military. Higher scores can qualify students for various positions in the military.
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